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Magnetic Cloud Key Holder


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Magnet Cloud Key Holder

This is a wooden key holder in the shape of a cloud  suitable in any interior, modern or classic.
It is made of natural wood and hides a magnet.
On the back is a strip of double-sided tape (3M).
It is meant to be glued to the wall to be able to hang a bunch of keys or other metal attributes on it.

No more lost keys and no more ugly hooks: simply stick the key holder on the wall or on the fridge and it will keep your keys in place.
Environmentally friendly: Handmade from natural wood. Strong and durable: The key holder can carry up to 1 kg of weight.

How to use

The 3M mounting tape performs best on surfaces that are dry, clean and smooth. Therefore, it is helpful to pre-clean the surface with a disinfectant wipe or a clean cloth before sticking the key holder on the wall. Once you’ve glued the key holder to the wall, the powerful magnet will hold the keys in place. The key holder is also easy to remove, the 3M mounting tape does not damage your wall.

The delivery includes:
1 x walnut wood cloud with tape and magnets

Delivery 1 -3 working days